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The first case of coronavirus infection in Georgia was identified on February 26, 2020. Since March 6, borders with individual countries began to close in the country, and from March 16, all foreign citizens were banned from entering. On March 21, a state of emergency was declared, which ceased to apply on May 23. 

The Government has launched a site reflecting the situation with the epidemic in Georgia - with daily statistics, recommendations of health authorities, news, infection map, etc. Also, for voluntary use, the STOP COVID application was launched, which did not require registration and provision of personal data. The application should indicate whether the user had contact with the infected person based on GPS and Bluetooth data.

From March 15, 2021, large-scale vaccination against COVID-19 began in the country. The default certificate is issued in paper version, but from the end of May 2021, every vaccinated resident of the country can also receive a digital document with a QR code. This certificate contains the name, date of birth and personal number, as well as data on the vaccine and medical institution. This certificate must be presented upon arrival abroad. 

As of October 10, 874 thousand residents were fully vaccinated. The country recorded cases of the sale of fake certificates of vaccination against coronavirus.


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